The Incorpora Programme Dinner

4 Nov 2018 | Events

The Incorpora Programme Dinner. The Incorpora Programme is a part of the Social Work carried out by la Caixa and is aimed at improving social and labour market integration for people in vulnerable situations. TECNOTRAMIT works with the Incorpora Programme by integrating into its workforce those at risk of social and labour market exclusion and who, over time, have shown great character and willpower, and served as an example to their colleagues.

At the annual event organized by the Incorpora Programme there was a dinner to which all of the collaborating companies were invited and TECNOTRAMIT was represented by our CEO, Maribel Pardo, along with Eva Muelas (Head of Human Resources) and Cristina Perramón and Oriol Sabater (Organizational Managers). During the event our CEO won a prize in one of the raffles organized to raise funds for the Incorpora Programme.