Average Property Selling Price Rose 1.7% In Catalonia Until 2,265 €/m2

25 Apr 2022 | Blog

Property in Catalonia is still an upward value. None of the Catalan provinces registered lower average sales prices last year. The average price rose 1.7% until 2,265 €/m2,as indicated in a study of the Catalan residential market prepared by Deloitte for the College of Property Agents (Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria, API) in Catalonia.

Vicenç Hernández Reche, Tecnotramit’s CEO and chairman for the Catalan Association of Property Agents (Asociación de Agentes Inmobiliarios de Catalunya, AIC) and the National Association of Property Agents (Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios, ANAI) opened the event where the study was presented. He focused on ‘Catalonia’s residential market’s stability as one of the main epicentres for Spain’s property business.’ ‘Albeit economic and legal contexts have not been ideal, since factors such as coronavirus, inflation, the housing law, the regional government’s rental regulation, or the recent war on Ukraine do not contribute to investors’ assurance, our industry has shown great resilience against these elements. Therefore, we expect figures during 2022 to continue on a very positive note.

Catalonia’s residential market strengthens

As far as new builds, the annual variation rate dropped 1.7% (2,453 €/m2) in the autonomous community. This figure was compensated by a 2.5% rise on second-hand properties (2,226 €m/2). The average purchase price for new builds was 298,000 €.

Tarragona was the province that experienced the greatest increase during 2021 (9.2%) when it came to new builds, the price rising to 1,676 €/m2. However, Barcelona continues as the most expensive province if buying a new build (2,778 €/m2). With regards to second-hand properties, Girona lead the ranking with an 8% increase (2,016 €/m2) within the same time frame. Barcelona repeats with the highest prices in this category too (2,569 €/m2).