Who We Are

Tecnotramit was set up in 2001 in Barcelona by a team with over 20 years experience in the customer care industry. It started out in the mortgage business but within a few years, quickly became one of the most important service providers for both financial and property companies in Spain and Portugal.

TECNOTRAMIT has a highly specialised leadership team, designated technical and legal staff, formalisation specialists, as well as launches structured teams. This workforce totals more than 1,000 people distributed between Spain and Portugal.

We provide custom training programmes depending on the industry project, as well as specific career-orientated programmes for employees who demonstrate certain abilities and are a future investment concerning our strategic plan. 94.70% of our executive employees have been trained and promoted within the company due to our career-orientated programmes.

We are able to offer clients tailored solutions and a comprehensive approach when managing their assets and outsourcing processes given our commitment to service, background, and market knowledge.

We support a responsible employment policy in regards to gender equality (69.02% of our workforce is comprised of women). This is also true by fighting against exclusion from the labour market since 17.80% of our staff is over 50.

We have set a non-discrimination wage policy for individuals at risk of social and labour market exclusion, ensuring our compensation policy is fairly and impartially applied.

Lastly, we have agreements in place with several foundations to employ individuals at risk of social exclusion. 1.09% of our current workforce originates from these groups, 37.09% of which are over 45.

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