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How Cryptocurrencies Are Standardised in Spain

Cryptocurrencies have gained importance in the last two years as an investment asset and way of purchasing goods and services, even in the property market. However, the Spanish Government has not taken any action until now regarding cryptocurrency market regulation. A...

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2022, A Complicated Year For Property Investors

There are some mysteries on the horizon concerning the property market’s future. The new Housing Law is still controversial. Last week the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary warned in an unfavourable report of the inaccuracy and insecurity it may bring to the...

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Property Market Forecasts For 2022

According to data on purchases during 2021, Spaniards have opted to buy homes instead of renting them. Last year’s transactions recovered and even surpassed the number of purchases during 2019 before the pandemic outbreak. Housing prices are expected to rise in 2022...

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European Funds Boost Green Mortgages

One of the largest problems with Spain’s housing stock is its age and energy inefficiency. The number of green mortgages will grow this year as the Government allocates European funding to refurbish housing. 55% of Spain’s houses were constructed during...

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Why Are Manufactured Homes On The Rise

In only one year, manufactured homes have increased dramatically in Europe and to a lesser extent in Spain as only 1% of the market. Prospects dictate these types of dwellings will continue to thrive. Barcelona has the greatest number of requests to build...

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