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ECB Forecasts Price Falls As Rates Rise

The property market is moving towards a scenario with questions regarding monetary policies, which in turn has a direct impact on some of the main property indicators: the volume of closed sales transactions, mortgage contracts that are signed, or the price of both...

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EURIBOR, So On And So Forth: Closed Over 1% In July

The mortgage market is paying close attention to the EURIBOR’s development as the interest rate reference indicator for the majority of mortgages taken out in Spain. The gradual increase of the indicator in the last year is a turning point for conditions under which...

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A Great Time For Taking Out Mortgages In Spain

Although there has been a time of ’theoretical panic’ due to the rising EURIBOR, the Spanish property sector and mortgage market will progress during the second half of the year along the same positive lines recorded in 2021. Financial institutions are adapting to the...

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