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In the area of Business Process Outsourcing, we have experience, human resources, and tech to provide specific, high-quality services and productivity in different financial institutional areas.

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We have both specialised, near-shore production centres and others shared with our customers that allow us flexibility, the ability to manage specific workloads more efficiently, and to adapt the service to dynamic needs.

Pre-litigation Foreclosure
  • Checking of contentious files before dispatching to lawyers, verifying the estate’s current situation.
  • Supervision of the clearing account, drawing up telegraphic notifications to the interested parties, and subsequently checking they have been sent correctly.
  • Requesting notary deeds regarding certificates of credit balance and carrying out all administrative operations in the pre-litigation stage, according to each client’s operational mode.
Property Auctions
  • Comprehensive management of asset auctions during foreclosure and insolvency proceedings.
  • Legal study prior to, monitoring of, and management after the auction by following the subsequent procedural phases until the testimony and registration of the auction are obtained.
  • Legal advice on mortgage and tax foreclosures.
  • Obtaining possession of the property and its legal reorganisation for subsequent commercialisation.
Awards for Lieu of Payment
  • Preparation of lieu of payment files, including requesting new appraisals and debt certificates for the determination of the adjudication value.
  • Follow-up of the process of approval of the lieu of payment made by our client, scheduling of the signature before a notary, preparation of the change of locks on the property, delegated signing of the transaction by special power of attorney with concurrent change of locks.
Tax Management of Adjudicated Properties
  • Verification of the cadastral situation, payment status of property tax and the Home Owners’ association, as well as the management and payment at the time of settlement of the council Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land.
  • We carry out all the processes for updating the legal and fiscal situation of the property awarded so it is ready for the market.
Leasing Property Management
  • Management of cadastral incidents.
  • Monitoring of the periodic property tax payments on leased properties by processing receipts for subsequent re-invoicing to the owner.
Validation of Abilities
  • Opening of current accounts, term deposits, etc.
  • Personal loans and credits.
  • Mortgages.
  • Financial leases.
  • Purchase and sale of contracting products through financial institutions.
  • Changes in ownership by succession or donation.
Contact Centre
  • Call centre to receive operational queries, information services support, scheduling.
  • Outbound call centre for recharge services, default management, and service surveys.
Social Mediation

Tecnotramit develops a social mediation service in the property field to manage and reduce the reputational impact of our clients in cases of occupational situations of conflictive housing, as a result of foreclosures, non-payment of rent, squatters, or any other irregular occupation circumstance. We pay special attention to mediation with the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, PAH), social movements, and the Administration within this service. We maintain a long-standing dialogue and contact with all three organisations in order to foresee and anticipate any conflicts.

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