TECNOTRAMIT is one of the nationally leading mortgage management and formalisation companies. Our workforce is over 450 employees distributed between 6 offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Lisbon. They are specialised in formalisation, assistance during signing, management after signing, and mortgage cancellation for both individuals and developers.

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Prior to Signature

Comprehensive assistance in the preparatory stage of the operation, facilitating prior provisions of funds, studying the different instrumental alternatives available for the operation, and actively intervening in its preparation when required by our client.

Performing scoring processes, in accordance with client’s specifications and/or applications.

Management of the formalisation process flow of the entity’s own information systems or our own in a mechanised way.

Prior registry check of property, issuing the corresponding legal report, and being proactive in proposing legal solutions when necessary.

Control of the property appraisal process, arranging visit dates and solving incidents during the appraisal.

Numerical closure of the transaction with end customers, reporting in detail transaction costs.

Preparation of notary fees in accordance with each entity, as well as the preparation of special operations charges for subsequent approval.

Arrangement of the signature with the end clients and other interested parties (sellers, APIs, notary).


We carefully select our staff to assist during signings and continuously monitor that our clients receive suitable service and advice.

2 different operational models can be used during delegated signature processes:

Accompanying the financial institution’s staff to provide logistical support in the signature process.

Attending directly as proxies, with limited powers of attorney, with complementary certification, or by any other means of proxy.

After Signature

Once the transaction has been signed, our objective is to quickly register the deeds in the corresponding registry. In addition to the traditional processes of document collection, tax clearance, refund and removal from the registry, all information is accessible to our clients via web-based tools.

This information can be quickly integrated into applications through the design and implementation of the corresponding communication interfaces, as well as through the AEPROSER association of which we are a member.

Review of registered documentation during processing and correction of defects and incidents.

Continuously updating involved actors of process status. Our information systems allow process status to be known at all times to aid process control and monitoring.

Comprehensive digitalisation of documents generated for control in case of future incidents.

Audit of signatures in which we can check, with assistance, the adequacy of the signed transaction with the foreseen theoretical fees and economic conditions.

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