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TECNOTRAMIT’s Legal Department is comprised of professionals specialised in advising financial institutions and their subsidiaries in a clear commitment to providing our clients with a comprehensive service.

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Our team has over 21 years of experience advising financial institutions, investment funds, property agencies, and all types of companies concerning corporate and litigation matters.

Regular Legal Advice

Validation of abilities, completion, and answering official documents from the administration and courts, legal feasibility reports on asset transactions, agreement preparation, deed drafts, guarantees, and any other activity related to advising offices and departments.

Quantity Recoveries

Our experience has been honed from over 5,000 foreclosure proceedings, ordinary foreclosure, third party claims of ownership, and better rights, summary proceedings, foreclosure of leasing agreements, and claims through ordinary proceedings.

Defence in Litigation Brought by Clients and Third Parties

Our experience has been honed from over 1,200 trials relating to floor clause claims, general contracting conditions, multi-currency loans, investment products, derivative financial instruments, withdrawal of disputed credits, and any other type of claim filed by clients or third parties.

Defence of Property Subsidiaries during Litigation

Both for litigation relating to the recovery of full possession and for defence of other types of disputes.

Representation During Insolvency Proceedings
Defence During Administrative Disciplinary Proceedings

Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, AEPD), preservation of fair competition, ACC, Municipal Consumer Services, both in the administrative and the contentious-administrative phases.

Corporate Advice
  • Advising the shareholder or the management body at meetings.
  • Litigation in defence of the company or the interests of the partner.
  • Director liability litigations.
  • Criminal cases arising from corporate disputes.
  • Arbitration.

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