What do Spaniards value most when looking for a home?

4 Mar 2024 | Blog

In the Spanish property market, finding the perfect home can be a challenge. Spaniards have different criteria when looking for a property, but there are certain aspects that stand out above others. In this week’s post we want to analyse what Spaniards value most when looking for a home in Spain, focusing on three key aspects: the ideal location, the amenities and services that make the difference, and the perfect balance between quality and price.

The ideal location: close to everything you need

When looking for a home in Spain, Spaniards particularly value the ideal location, close to everything you need. The convenience of having basic services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, schools and health centers at your fingertips is essential. In addition, proximity to leisure areas and public transport is also a key factor for many. Having a strategic location that allows you to save time on daily commuting and have easy access to all daily needs is highly valued by Spaniards. In short, a well-located home, close to all essential services, becomes a determining criterion when making a purchase or rental decision.

Amenities and services that make a difference

When looking for a home in Spain, the comforts and services offered by the environment are fundamental aspects for Spaniards. Having services such as supermarkets, schools, health centres and public transport nearby is something that makes all the difference when choosing a place to live. In addition, the availability of green areas, parks, gyms and leisure spaces is also highly valued by potential buyers. Spaniards are looking for an environment that provides them with all the necessary comforts for their day-to-day lives, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable and practical life. The presence of these services greatly influences the choice of a home and becomes a determining factor for many.

The perfect balance between quality and price

When looking for a home in Spain, Spaniards highly value the perfect balance between quality and price. They want to find a property that meets high quality standards, but at a reasonable price. For them, it is important that the home is well built, with durable materials and good quality finishes.

They are also looking for the property to be equipped with modern and efficient facilities, such as air conditioning systems and sound insulation. However, at the same time, they are not willing to pay exorbitant prices for these features. They are looking for a home that fits their budget and gives them a good return on investment in the long run. In short, the perfect balance between quality and price is essential for Spaniards when choosing a home in Spain.

In summary, Spaniards mainly value the location close to services and amenities, as well as the balance between quality and price when looking for a home in Spain. However, it is interesting to reflect on how these values may change in the near future due to changes in buyers’ lifestyles and preferences. These intangible factors, beyond the economic situation at any given time, are the key to carrying out a good analysis of the real estate market.