European Funds Boost Green Mortgages

One of the largest problems with Spain’s housing stock is its age and energy inefficiency. The number of green mortgages will grow this year as the Government allocates European funding to refurbish housing. 55% of Spain’s houses were constructed during...

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Why Are Manufactured Homes On The Rise

In only one year, manufactured homes have increased dramatically in Europe and to a lesser extent in Spain as only 1% of the market. Prospects dictate these types of dwellings will continue to thrive. Barcelona has the greatest number of requests to build...

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What Does Rental With Option To Buy Consist Of

Usually, clients who wish to buy a property must have enough savings to pay at least 20% of the property’s price plus taxes, and notary and property registry fees. Many are not able to overcome this first obstacle but new rental companies with option to buy have...

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Main Reasons Why Spaniards Sell Their Homes

Home sales rose 40.6% total year-on-year (January-September), amounting to 53,410 transactions. It is the largest number of sales since April 2008 (54,801), according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, INE). This recovery...

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