Why Are Manufactured Homes On The Rise

29 Dec 2021 | Blog, Interesting

In only one year, manufactured homes have increased dramatically in Europe and to a lesser extent in Spain as only 1% of the market. Prospects dictate these types of dwellings will continue to thrive.

Barcelona has the greatest number of requests to build prefabricated houses in Spain, according to the home improvement digital platform Habitissimo. It amounts to 13% of the total market, followed by Madrid with 7% and Valencia with 6%.

The price is one of the main reasons why manufactured homes are gaining momentum in the property market. Bigger homes at reasonable prices can be secured by means of prefab houses. These kind of buildings originated in order to maximise resources and offer far more cost-effective prices compared to traditional housing. For this reason, they are produced industrially in units or sections making them cheaper and quicker to build.

Manufactured homes are built much quicker than conventional houses. Production time will be different subject to size, materials, customisation, etc.

Materials will not necessarily be of lower quality just because it is a prefab house. Traditional house features can be applied to manufactured houses too. Furthermore, producing houses industrially allows designers to use materials capable of adapting to the weather in the property’s location.

Another detail to take into account is different units can be added as needed since they are built independently. Many owners have requested units as home offices, and likewise if expecting a baby or an elderly family member to live at home.

The house can be extended in a short period of time with minimal discomfort depending on its residents’ needs. The same cannot be said for all houses or flats.