5 Keys To Finding The Perfect Tenant For Your Property In Spain

5 Jun 2023 | Blog

Finding the perfect tenant is one of the major worries for any property owner in Spain. Renting property can be a gratifying and profitable experience, but can also give headaches if the correct tenant is not carefully selected. This article examines five keys to help you find the perfect tenant for your Spanish property.

1. Establish clear criteria

Define your picking criteria before starting to search for a tenant. This will help sort applications and find the correct person for your property. Take into account the number of occupants, the length of the rental agreement, if pets or smokers are allowed, among other things. You will avoid wasting time with tenants that do not fit your requirements since you established clear criteria.

2. Use reliable rental platforms

Many online platforms exist in the digital age that help finding tenants. Use renowned platforms in Spain such as Idealista, Fotocasa, or to post your ad. Make sure you include accurate details about the property by including quality photographs, information on location, and prominent features. This will draw potentially interested tenants and ease the selection process.

3. Carry out a rigorous selection

Do not hurry and accept the first application you receive. Interview the potential tenant thoroughly to get to know them. If possible, check their rental history and ask for work and past landlord references. Furthermore, it is advisable to have economic solvency reports to make sure the tenant can pay the monthly rent.

4. Clear rental agreement

Rental agreement contents are essential to protect your rights and establish clear conditions. Make sure to write up an agreement that abides by current Spanish law and addresses aspects like agreement length, rental amount, each parties’ responsibilities, and any other relevant clause. You should rely on professional legal advice if you do not have experience in writing up agreements.

5. Maintain fluid communication

Open, fluid communication with your tenant is basic in maintaining a harmonious relationship during the rental period. Establish clear lines of communication and provide important information concerning the property’s maintenance, utility payments, rental payment due dates, etc. You should always have an open mind when solving problems that arise during the rental period and establish a relationship of mutual trust.