Tecnotramit Analyses The Property Market At BNEW

10 Oct 2022 | Blog

A new Barcelona New Economy Week – BNEW edition with Tecnotramit’s noted presence. The physical and digital B2B event that gathers unique sectors like property, digital industry, mobility, sustainability, talent, investment, and experience captured everyone’s attention. For one week the city of Barcelona was the hub for several economic sectors that share a common denominator: new economy.

During this year’s annual conference, Vicenç Hernández Reche, Tecnotramit’s CEO, was moderator for the discussion panel ‘Fintech. Connecting The Financial World’, alongside some of the main industry players and took the opportunity to analyse the present and future of property. At a point when there is maximum globalisation between all economic segments, property continues to become a safe asset for many individuals and investors.

Therefore, Tecnotramit became the leading actor once again at a show that concluded its third edition and gathered over 12,000 professionals: 6,000 attended in person and 6,500 virtually. From the total, 40% were international participants representing 107 countries predominantly from Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Mexico. Around 1,500 startups were accepted. Around 5,500 new contacts were also established, over 2,000 thanks to the digital platform specifically developed by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, BNEW’s organiser.

In addition, 622 speakers offered 180 hours of content distributed between 131 discussion panels, sessions, and debates during this edition and the following issues were addressed, among others: the digitalisation of industries, urban mobility, circular economy, and sustainability.