Administration And APIs: ‘Doomed’ To Understand Each Other

7 Nov 2022 | Blog

‘Administration and property agents must collaborate and share ideas, even if we do not necessarily agree at all times.’ As stated by Jaume Fornt, director of the Catalan Housing Agency (Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya), during his speech at the opening of a new edition of the Inmoscopia Evolution Forum, an event organised by Catalonia’s APIs at the Cúpula de las Arenas in Barcelona in front of several hundred sector professionals. He did so alongside Vicenç Hernández Reche, Tecnotramit’s CEO and chairman for the National Association of Property Agents (Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios, ANAI) and the Catalan Association of Property Agents (Asociación de Agentes Inmobiliarios de Catalunya, AIC).

The words of the director of the Catalan Housing Agency are in line with those of Hernández Reche, who expressed a desire for the property sector to continue growing hand in hand with customers in order to continue contributing to the economic and social function of the industry: ‘Our sector is fundamental for society. Not only as an economic engine, but also as a guarantee for quality of life and preservation of the welfare state. Regulating the property market and adapting to new technologies is fundamental for something as important as being able to help citizens find the housing they need.’

‘In this sense, collaboration between APIs and various public administrations is now more necessary than ever. In a context of inflation and certain instability, property is a safe haven and the right to decent housing must be protected to the maximum,’ claimed Tecnotramit’s CEO.

This was precisely the aim of the event: to put the citizen at the centre. A property conference held in the Cúpula de las Arenas, which was attended by several hundred property professionals and enjoyed presentations by speakers such as Nacho Gallardo, Senior Manager of Active Development; Alejandro Tortosa, Strategy Manager of Roca Salvatella; Agustí Molías, CEO of Smartcex and Clicc; Sandra Vilaseca, Global People Strategy & Innovation Manager at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM; and Pablo Foncillas, consultant, professor, and researcher in business innovation.