Tecnotramit: Gender Equality Example Yet Another Year

6 Mar 2023 | Blog

The month of March means spring and nice weather are near, as is International Women’s Day yet another year! Plenty should be celebrated on this day, but a lot of work is still to be done. In this sense, we are convinced the Spanish corporate world must play a leading role in the feminist struggle and in gender equality. We like to lead by example at Tecnotramit. We can proudly say 69% of our personnel are women.

A team with different profiles and gender diversity has been proven to not only be much more efficient when referring to group dynamics and teamwork, but having a well-balanced workforce, as well as a heterogeneous human capital and talent, is one of the keys to success and better results in any business organisation.

In this respect, we have been specially sensitive when implementing a responsible labour policy when it comes to gender equality since being established in 2001. It is necessary to place value this week more than ever as we continue to be an example and ally in the feminist struggle for their equal role in society and development as professionals on a level playing field with men.

It doesn’t end here though. Tecnotramit also fights for some vulnerable sectors of the population as are elderly people against exclusion from the labour market. This is why we support a multidisciplinary team made up of very diverse profiles regarding gender, age, and origin. 17.8% of our workforce is comprised of over 50 year olds. We adopted non-discrimination wage policies to guarantee fairness and impartiality when it comes to salaries for those workers at risk of social, labour, and gender exclusion.

Furthermore, we rely on agreements with several foundations to employ people at risk of social exclusion. 1.09% of our current personnel originates from these groups, of which 37% are over 45 years old.